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La Vélo Francette

This section of the cycle route "La Vélo Francette" takes you beside no less than four rivers: the Varenne, Mayenne, Oudon and Maine. This cascading series of rivers leads you, via various confluences, towards France’s most regal river, the Loire. Cyclists enjoy a panoply of northwest France’s riverbanks this way, along with happy hikers, riders, and people out angling and boating.

The Tour des Anglais is a Home Bike facility, it is the guarantee for the bike tourist of:

  • to be within 5 km of a bicycle route
  • to have adapted equipment: secure bike shelter, repair kit ...
  • to receive a caring welcome: useful information and advice (circuits, weather, ...)
  • to have services adapted to cyclists: transfer of luggage, washing and drying of the linen, rent of bicycles and accessories, washing of bicycles ...

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